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Lemniska is your doctor on-demand app with a healthy social twist! Talk to doctors online, access wellness resources and get healthy! - all from your phone.

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Here is what you can expect:

Online Doctor Visits

Online Doctor Visits:

Skip the waiting room and connect with qualified doctors from the comfort of your home.

24 Hour Support

24/7 Support:

Get expert advice and answers to your health questions anytime, anywhere.

Personalized wellness

Personalized Wellness Plans:

Create a plan that fits your unique needs and goals

 Healthcare professionals

Connect with top healthcare professionals:

Get expert advice from doctors, specialists and other healthcare providers – all from the comfort of your home!

Quick and easy consultations

Quick and easy consultations:

Schedule appointments online and get the care you need, whenever you need it. No more time wasted!

Track your progress

Track your progress:

Keep tabs on your health goals with easy-to-use tools. Monitor vitals, medications and appointments - all in one place!

Here is why you will love it:

Find friends who care about health

Find friends who care about health:

Connect with other people who want to live healthy lives! Share tips, motivate each other and even find workout buddies!

Discover cool and healthy stuff

Discover cool and healthy stuff:

Lemniska is full of fun videos, articles and challenges that will keep you inspired and learning new things about health and wellness.

Show off your healthy side

Show off your healthy side:

Share your healthy recipes, workout routines, or just your happy, healthy self! Everyone loves to see others succeed!

Build a supportive community

Build a supportive community:

Connect with like-minded individuals who share your health goals and aspirations.

Find inspiration and motivation:

Find inspiration and motivation:

Discover healthy recipes fitness routines, and expert advice shared by our vibrant community.

Stay informed

Stay informed:

Access the latest health news and trends, curated by trusted healthcare professionals.

Make Healthy Fun with Lemniska Healthy Media!

Let us have a Healthy Social Vibes. Lemniska healthy media is all about helping each other be the best versions of ourselves. It is a place to find motivation, tips and feel awesome!

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Connect with doctors online, find a supportive community and access personalized health resources – all in one app.

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